Hampshire Garden

We started work on this project in 2019, the 1st year of planting. Now in full maturity, with meadows and a vineyard beyond, the garden has revealed itself to be restful yet filled with lively surprises. The owners, international in spirit and enthusiasm, asked us to create a series of spaces that would fulfil their wishes for privacy, family and full scale entertaining.

Hampshire Garden

Hampshire Garden - Designer: CLIENT + The Modern Garden Company

A garden for all seasons, the perennials planting matrix is vibrant in Spring, lively in Summer, rich in Autumn and serene in Winter. Our brief was to reflect the colours of the planting and respect the crisp clean tones of the Purbeck stone house and terrace.

Lakehouse meeting at Studio

Always working in natural light our concept was to create distinct spaces using a limited palate of colours and materials

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Our mood boards, layouts and 3D renders helped our client to understand the scale of the terraces and us to define spaces in an expansive landscape.

Lakehouse Dining terrace

Our palette was clear from the start; gentle pastels, warm shades and above all natural. Here the soft pinks of the Ami dining chairs and the yellow hues of the hand glazed tiles of the Sciara dining table create the most elegant of dining experiences

Natural pool for web

Inspired by the golden grasses and the shape of the natural swimming pool we identified three complimentary shades of yellow cords for the delightful Shell ottomans

Hammock chairs lakehouse natural pool

Hand woven in shades of silver pear, the Rope cord of Hammock lounge chair imbue a serene calmness next to the elegant natural swimming pond.

Lakehouse sunbeds 2

The client chose Cove sunbeds for both comfort and style. The cushions are upholstered in Thea, a beautiful textile inspired by the tradition of 18C Jacquard fabric techniques

The Lakes Terrace 3 D

Lakehouse Ami Lounge chairs

We created two discreet lounge areas on the large lawn facing terrace, one for quite relaxation and one for families and parties.

The elegant ecru/green tea Rope, Brio and Maglia chain upholstery combined with the enamelled copper tops of the Esmal tables introduce shades of the garden to the crisp Portland stone terrace.

The Modern Garden Company is an exterior design consultancy, we combine the essential with the desirable, bringing together furniture, textiles and accessories, we help you accomplish outside what an interior designer does inside.