Bistro Parasol

The Bistro parasol is available in two versions, with flat or dome-shaped sunshade. The sunshade can be angled to the desired position thanks to a varnished aluminium hinge. Freestanding or ground anchored _ [fixing to the ground is the recommended option]. Or add the Clique base, an upholstered weighted seat element for those windier locations.

Bistro Parasol
Bistro Parsols New Colours
Paola Lenti Portofino 4
Paola Lenti Bistro Parasol 2
Pl Bistro Flat 1
Pl Bistros With Bases


  • size 1

  • Diameter: 290 cm
  • Domed
  • size 2

  • Diameter: 300 cm
  • Flat


Materials & Other Information

  • Structure: Varnished aluminium. Supporting rods made of glass fibre varnished in the same colour as the structure or gloss varnished in avorio or grafite colour.
  • Fabric: Madras (mixed colours) or Tamil (solid colours) fabric.