This furniture works hard for it’s living. From gently rolling country lawns to boisterous terraces of a university campus, bustling city roof-top restaurants, superyachts and beach clubs (and everything in-between), you will find texture, colour and style, and above all, furniture that stands the test of time. 


Finishing touches complete the design of every outdoor space; add different textures and a 'pop' of colour with elegant poufs and beautiful hand woven rugs, choose an innovative and eye-catching fire or water feature, or install an outdoor shower by the pool. For balmy summer evenings, consider a pop-up bar! These are just some of the finishing touches that make for memorable outdoor moments.


Protection from the elements offers more than just escape from sun and rain. A well-considered and carefully designed canopy combining high performance textiles, motors and lighting will create sophisticated spaces and extend the season. At the smaller scale, stylish parasols bring comfort and privacy.