Ray Rug

The Ray rug is produced with Rope braids which are available both in one solid colour and in two colours combinations. The new versions of Ray includes mélange colours and new sequences, created with alternating braids, woven strips and cords, all in the same yarn, which create intricate and surprising chromatic vibrations. Each braid’s extremities are finished with a ribbon in the same colour. The braids are sewn together lengthwise to create the rug in the desired dimension. For Ray with predetermined colours, the width of the braids may vary between cm.16 and cm.18; as a consequence, the dimension of the short side will often vary.

Ray Rug
Plr06 Ray 3
Paola Lenti Ray
Paola Lenti Time Ray
Paola Lenti Orlando Hr 5


  • size 1

  • Width: 105-116cm
  • Length: 240cm
  • typical
  • size 2

  • Width: 206-233cm
  • Length: 240cm
  • typical


  • #dee1e0
  • #ebeded
  • #a1a5ad
  • #b5ae9d
  • #b39f89
  • #89775c
  • #cfca3e
  • #679427
  • #77a639
  • #c91e46
  • #ff4b26
  • #ff5e3a
  • #851211
  • #80161b
  • #4a392b
  • #3d1e88
  • #1f2f4f
  • #2c63a9
  • #454545
  • #319ab5
  • #307292
  • #093840
  • #2c4664
  • #222429
  • #26140a


  • Braid single colourBraid single colour
  • braid bi-colourbraid bi-colour
  • composite ray braidcomposite ray braid

Materials & Other Information

  • Rope Braid: 10.5-12cm wide


The width of the braids of cm 10 may vary between cm 10,5-12, due to the braiding technique. The dimension of the short side is determined by the multiple of the braids and will often vary. The length of the other side will be more precise into the ±3% range and determined according to the client’s requirements. - The textile structure of this rug is free. An intense stepping may cause a variation of the rug’s dimensions.

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