Whats In for Outdoors 2022

Twiggy: a revolutionary new yarn for outdoors

The Modern Garden Company's industry-leading reputation was founded on using only the highest quality exterior materials. So we're delighted to introduce this latest addition to our portfolio.

This is a revolutionary new yarn from Paola Lenti which combines strength with a delicate beauty.

Twiggy image

It is produced by having one or more coloured threads encased in a thin transparent sheath, creating a mouldable, polypropylene material able to form any three-dimensional shape without long-term degradation from extreme conditions.

With more than 300 colour combinations from gentle neutrals to rich jewel shades to choose from......

Twiggy Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti Canvas for Twiggy Blog can relax safe in the knowledge that, with minimal maintenance, your outdoor lounge, dining or poolside will remain looking luxurious for years to come.