Paola Lenti

The Modern Garden Company has been working in close collaboration with Italian brand Paola Lenti since 2005. We will help you choose the best materials and finishes to help you create a beautiful and unique project whatever the location. We hold a complete set of materials and fabrics and examples of the latest collections in our extensive garden showroom.

Paola Lenti

Influenced by the exploration of colours, forms and details in the natural world, Paola set about creating this unique and original collection of furniture. Each item is produced to order starting with the production of the yarn, fabrics and materials are combined together using traditional techniques of weaving, stitching and crochet to create furniture of originality and great beauty, the perfect marriage of high technology and artisanal skills.

The sophisticated and long lasting fibres of Rope are used to produce fabrics and cords that are colour fast, resistant to UV rays, seawater, chlorine and oils. They are easy to clean and quick to dry, making them the perfect solution for even the most extreme marine environments.

Paola Lenti

There are over 800 tonal combinations available in the outdoor Aqua fabrics from natural shades of sand to vibrant fuchsia, from lagoon blue to deep anthracite. As a result no two of these precious pieces are ever truly the same.

The extensive Aqua Collection is complemented by the stunning High Tech rugs , that is produced with exactly the same attention to detail and quality. Most recently the range of accessories and the Modular structures of the Landscape Collection completes the Paola Lenti virtuous circle.

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