Paola Lenti Living Color

For those who take exteriors as seriously as interiors…

Everyone loves a splash of colour so we thought we would take the opportunity to tempt you into a Wonderland of colour and entice you into the world of contemporary Italian designer, Paola Lenti.

As a manufacturer as well as a designer, Paola Lenti has taken outdoor textiles well beyond standard exterior fabrics, creating thick-ply, all-weather yarns for weaving, as well as creating soft textiles for upholstery. The starting point of the entire Paola Lenti Collection is the material itself. From this comes the design of the product.

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Formerly a graphic designer, Paola started her eponymous company in 1994 in Italy’s leading furniture district Meda, near Milan. Her visual instincts and her willingness to invest time and money in researching the latest textiles have resulted in high-tech, high quality pieces. She provides the textile designs and develops all dyes and colours from scratch.

Paola Lenti has become an international reference point for textile innovation in the design world, and has been recognised for its dedication to research, experimentation and entrepreneurial dynamism. Combined with the original interpretation of colour, this makes Paola Lenti’s collections vivid, glamorous and unique.