UK Fire regulations for exterior cushions & upholstery

We continuously carry out extensive testing and dedicate time to product development to ensure compliance:

In an industry which often falls short of legally required compliance with technical standards, we have the knowledge of current UK and International fire regulations so that clients and customers can confidently specify fully compliant fire-proofed fabrics and upholstery for domestic and contract environments.

We are very happy to advise on fabrics, suitability and safety.

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  • All UK orders are supplied with UK compliant cushions
  • We provide certification for materials used
  • We do not compromise on quality or comfort

Note - UK fire regulations differ for domestic use and contract use.


The exterior all-weather foam used in Europe does not conform to UK fire regulations, however, we continuously remind and work closely with our manufacturers to focus on UK requirements to ensure fire safety at all times. It is of the utmost importance that all UK orders that we process meet UK fire regs.  


We have an extensive range of exterior grade fabrics available all of which can be treated to meet UK standards for both domestic and contract FR standards. If in doubt we are happy to advise clients on what’s suitable and what’s possible to ensure maximum durability and safety.

FIRA International in Stevenage demonstrates a furniture flammability safety test. FAIL