St Martins in the Fields

A project with many challenges, not least approval for a temporary structure adjacent to one of London's iconic churches. The client required 2 x sails for this seasonal café to the rear of St Martin-in-the-Fields, offering much needed shade that could also be easily dismantled and put away during winter months. 

St Martins in the Fields

St Martins in the Fields - Designer: Volker Weiss/MGCo

These two Axis shades now prolong the season, upping the all important revenue, by providing shade from the sun, as well as shelter from showers. The concrete stone used to weight the shades also doubled up as extra seating - a clever design from our team to overcome the need to have a structure that could be stored at the end of each season

Mgco St Martins 1
Mgco St Martin Shade 2

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