AHMM London Head Office Roof Terrace

AHMM have specified our products for a number of projects and we have worked with them for many years, most recently on the BBC Soho House project. AHMM took over the well-known Morelands building on Old Street where they wanted to create an outdoor office and relaxation area for staff and clients. We worked with AHMM and the structural engineers to create a covered seating area by installing 4 x Cubola shades. We also supplied drawings, 3D models, visuals and technical specifications for the engineers to design suitable steel work.

AHMM London Head Office Roof Terrace

AHMM London Head Office Roof Terrace - Designer: AHMM

The installation included 4 x Cubola shades, one over the exit door onto the roof terrace, which had to be wall-mounted. However, the engineering of the building involved a very lightweight construction that was not suitable for fixing the Cubola directly onto. Engineers therefore designed suitable brackets, as well as steel supports under the deck, to allow for the installation to work.

We also integrated data and USB hubs into the Cubola framework, allowing them to connect to the company network allowing outdoor work space, as well as the required entertaining space. This allowed AHMM to really maximise use if this roof space.

The remote control closing offer safe usage even on the gustiest of days.

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