Nox Dining Table

The generous Nox table stands out with a handmade tabletop of glazed lava stone. The enamel layer makes the top water, heat, frost, UV, and stain-resistant. Because beauty hides in imperfection, a subtle craquelure effect was added to enhance the natural imperfections of the reflective lava stone, giving each top its own exclusive look. The Nox tabletop rests on a strong, slender frame made of powder-coated stainless steel. This provides a surprisingly light and elegant look, despite the heavy stone tabletop. With its 3.60 meters length, offers space to a generous party. Combine with the Nodi chair for the most stylish dining solution.

Nox Dining Table
Nox Table Ocean
Nox Table Linen
Nox Table White Ocean
Nox Table Dims


  • Width: 100
  • Length: 360
  • Height: 74


  • Wenge Ocean LavastoneWenge Ocean Lavastone
  • White Linen LavastoneWhite Linen Lavastone

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Nox Dining Table