Fora Pie

The shade of Fora is made of synthetic wicker, making it highly resistant to weathering while casting a pleasant, diffuse light. The result is a luminaire that adapts well to all types of indoor and outdoor environments. The radial cast iron base improves durability and allows light to reach the ground.This family consists of a table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling, pendant retail and pendant big format.

Fora Pie
Bover Fora Pie Floor Lamp Ambient


  • Height: 165
  • Diameter: 65 cm



Light source is protected by an elliptical medium intensity and U.V. protection polythene globe, which guarantees a water tight electrical fixture. FORA is an outdoors lamp with IP-55. The cast iron base is distinguished by a radial base whose tubular design improves durability and allows light to reach the ground.

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Fora Pie

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