The ultimate waterside seating.

There's nothing like the sound of water, whether it's poolside, pond-side, or the gentler rippling of the increasingly popular sustainable natural pools which enhance life for plants, wildlife and humans!

This is where your choice of seating really makes a difference. This chair must be simple and supportive, colours calm and materials robust.

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The ‘go anywhere’ Branch chair from Tribu combines simplicity with elegance. An ingenious hidden blocking mechanism leaves the chair’s fluid lines uninterrupted, creating the illusion of a floating frame.


With a structure made from solid mahogany wood, the Paraggi beach chair designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, is a nod to the original deck chair. Mahogany is a prized boat building wood thanks to its extreme durability; it possesses no pockets or grooves, making it resistant to water damage.

Portofino deckchair

Classic style and comfort with a smooth polished locust wood frame slung with solid or Madras fabrics, this beautiful deck chair from Paola Lenti is available to seat one or two.

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With its curved shape and deep seat, hammock is the epitome of water-resistant comfort. The handwoven sling made of braided rope yarn suspended from a frame which matches the colour of the sling, both form and function blends with nature to offer a robust waterside seat.

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Lightweight, portable and created over 70 years ago, the timeless design of the Butterfly chair continues to attract design lovers with the purity and modernity of its design. Its iconic shape offers total comfort along with a sense of well-being and relaxation. The chair was designed by three young South American architects and designers who worked with Le Corbusier in Paris during the 1930s and returned to Buenos Aires to form the Grupo Austral. In 1938, they created the famous 197 model that became known as the Butterfly.