Private Residence, West London

A long running project started more than 12 years ago and taken shape over several stages. Working for the same client and designer on each part of this major redevelopment to both garden and house, we recently installed various sun shades. This included creating a sheltered walkway linking the new adjacent 'Pavillion' property to the original house. To do this we installed 4 x Cubola shades, perfect for creating partially enclosed outdoor rooms, with an elegant slender frame and tilting fabric roof. 

We also added a new Sun Square Axis over the Pavillion terrace to match an original installation, plus a Shan shade to cover the main terrace.

Private Residence, West London

Private Residence, West London - Designer: Charlotte Sanderson

Sun Square is a motorised furling sail shade with remote control open/close, along with the added protection of automatic wind sensor. These sails are custom designed for each environment and may be freestanding or have roof or wall anchor points made from high grade stainless steel. Single or double sail options are available.

Addison Crescent Small 1
Addison Crescent Small 2
Addison Crescent Small 3

The Shan has a quality that suits both residential and commercial locations. The design of this motorised retracting awning benefits from an elegant console that offers 'architectural' form. 

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