Hakkasan Yautcha

The brief was for a discreet sail shade to provide sun and rain protection for the two bar terraces. The installation had to have minimal impact on the building and comply with design demands of the Broadgate development - Axis was the perfect solution.

Hakkasan Yautcha

Hakkasan Yautcha - Designer: GBRH Paris/Sunsquare

We designed a custom system to integrate heaters under the sails, suspending the remote controlled units on tension wires between the Axis supports and the building.

Hakkasan Yautcha 3
Hakkasan Yautcha 4

The high grade polished stainless steel wall brackets and terrace supports combined with the mid grey Satler technical fabric results in an near invisible solution.

Sophisticated vertical tensioning systems and a wind detector keeps the sail firmly in place and allowed to flex in sudden gusts. A superbly safe solution for very public spaces.


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