T Table

A stunning series, the light-reflective, handcrafted glazed lava stone top mirrors the sky and adds a unique quality with its naturally occurring imperfections. The glazing, adorned with a subtle crackle finish, makes the stone heat, water, UV and stain resistant. Pure and simple, the T-Table is available in various heights and dimensions

T Table
T Tabl H 75Cm Dia 90Cm
T Table Dia 90Cm H67Cm B
T Table Dia 125Cm H75Cm B
Tribu T Table Ambi 2


  • size 1

  • Height: 45 / 67 / 75 cm
  • Diameter: 90 cm
  • size 2

  • Height: 45 / 67 / 75 cm
  • Diameter: 125 cm


  • #7c8984
  • #97977d

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T Table