Elio Dining Chair

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A distinctive seating collection, warm and inviting with cocooning Tricord seats, teak frames and natural colours. The generous frame is natural teak, which supports the seating shell primarily through the back legs. The handwoven seat back and deep seat base draw upward and inward to create a warm, intimate feel. Multiple soft shades are woven into each strand of Tricord rope, which mimics the touch of natural light and makes each chair unique. Use around the lovely Illum dining table for the perfect dining solution.

Elio Dining Chair
Elio Armchair Illum Dining Table Teak A 0 Modern Garden Co
Elio Armchair Illum Dining Table Teak Closeup 0 Modern Garden Co
Elio Armchair Illum Dining Table Teak B Modern Garden Co


  • Width: 55 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Height: 84 cm
  • Seat height: 44 cm


  • #575f13
  • #2a2018
  • #a1907b

Materials & Other Information

  • Tricord:
  • Teak wood:


Tricord is a composite material of nautical and synthetic fibres. The structure of Tricord creates a suprisingly soft touch and natural appearence. Tricord is strong, stable and completely resistant to frost, water, UV and fungi.