Cabanne Pavilion

Cabanne is a modular architectural pavilion system, offering either Quadro, Tunnel or Veranda versions. With the addition of optional side panels, enclosed or partially enclosed spaces may be formed. Cabanne may be joined to create larger covered areas.

Cabanne Pavilion
MG Co Cabanne 1
MG Co Cabanne 5
Cabanne 005
Cabanne 2
MG Co Cabanne 3
MG Co Cabanne 6


  • Width: 384 cm
  • Length: 400 cm
  • Height: 234 cm


  • #d5d8da


Materials & Other Information

  • Steel frame: Varnished finish. Frame colour always matched the fabric specification/colour.
  • Panels: Sassafrass timber or Thuia fabric on aluminium frames.
  • Installation options: With plates for the installation on weight bearing surfaces or with HEA base for non weight bearing ground.