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This freestanding kitchen island is composed of a marble top supported by handcrafted iron legs. Distributed asymmetrically and featuring different diameters, the legs create a dynamic balance while concealing the implants. The top incorporates a marble slider that doubles as a table while making accessories and appliances disappear from view.

The worktop is cut from Steven Black or Leaf Rust marble, the acid etched iron legs are finished with clear, extra-lucid acrylic paint creating in rich iron tones iron and protecting them from the surrounding elements.

The kitchen includes a sink with hardware is high grade stainless steel, options include a hob, fridge or wine cooler.

10th Kitchen
Exteta 10th Kitchen top The Modern Garden Company
Exteta 10th kitchen in context The Modern Garden Company
Exteta Kitchen ambient Rust The Modern Garden Company
Exteta Kitchen sink detail The Modern Garden Company


  • Width: 90 cm
  • Length: 280 cm
  • Height: 90 cm


  • #995900
  • #633a2c


  • Steven BlackSteven Black

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