The Modern Garden Company has proudly represented Tribu in the UK for 20 years. Their elegant and beautifully crafted furniture was a natural choice for us from the start. Our Tribu projects are to be found worldwide. We have grown together with Tribu, no-one knows this beautiful brand as well as we do.


Tribù is a true pioneer of the philosophy that the terrace and garden should be seen as the extension to the house.
Leaders in the great Belgian tradition of outdoor furniture producers, this family run manufacturer/design house is resolutely faithful to their stated DNA of Simplicity, Innovation and Quality.

Always working with Designers who also subscribe to this ethos, and committed to using innovative and sustainable materials, the Tribù Collections have reached a pinnacle of design and production quality.

In 1989 Andrea Munteanu designed Pure, Tribù's first outdoor sofa concept. The timeless elegance and simplicity of this design still remains a key part of range in the Tribù Collection today. Also the same time, Wim Segers whose approach to comfort and functionality was the perfect fit for Tribù, designed the stunning Natal range. Since then, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga’s Vis a Vis, Vincent van Duysen’s Branch, Bram Bollen’s Terra, Mecrkx and Maes Illum and most recently the successful collaboration with Italian architect / designer Monica Armani designer of the elegant Tosca collection Tribù are arguably producing the very best furniture for outdoors to be found today.

products from Tribu