Shades that define outdoor spaces

The Modern Garden Company introduced SunSquare to the UK in 2005, providing beautifully tailored shading for all spaces. From the discreet urban terrace to large commercial projects, SunSquare integrates harmoniously with historical and contemporary buildings alike.

A modern classic, SunSquare is a distinctive, innovative sun sail that simply offers functionality and beauty. The key considerations are the architectural harmony of the overall design and realisation of the desired shading.

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No Longer an afterthought, but a key part of exterior projects, we work with clients at every stage, illustrating the most suitable shade options, along with shadow studies, layout design, and technical and installation support. With an eye for detail and the knowledge to take care of a smooth installation process and any technical glitches that may occur, we will ensure a great end result.

Sun sails not only provide a great source of shade, shelter from showers and UV protection, but offer stunning aesthetics that are quite unique. If you want to make the best use of outside areas, installing a sail shade is a fantastic option. SunSquare is an investment guaranteed to maximise revenue potential, as well as making a very stylish statement.

The benefits of installing a sun sail:

  • Create an eye-catching, stylish feature
  • Sun & UV protection
  • Shelter from showers - enjoy the outdoors all year round
  • Create more outdoor/living space
  • Maximise business revenue
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A SunSquare or Axis creates an elegant and inviting first impression. They also complete a project.

There's a sail to suit every location, be it a museum or hospital, hotel or city roof-top restaurant, SunSquare is perfect for public and private spaces.

Sails not only protect from sun and showers, they shelter from wind and provide privacy, too.

They are always stable, regardless of size or fixing. At wind speeds over 40km/h, the wind sensor causes the sail to roll in automatically.

In order to provide clients with an accurate spatial representation of the sail, we arrange a site visit where tripods and measuring tape are used to represent the outer edges of the sail. This full size simulation allows ideal placement, orientation and size for client approval prior to the final design being agreed.

Sail cloths need not be entirely symmetrical - they are designed, manufactured and installed according to the structural conditions on-site and the desires of the client.

If you would like further information please get in touch, we will be very happy to discuss your requirements.